The Many Faces of Doctor Strange

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Ditko Original

Heavy-lidded and/or Asian eyes. Amulet of Agamotto (before Doc acquired the Eye). Dark blue shirt, black pants. Chest symbol with eyes. Dots in orange gloves. Orange sash.

Source: Strange Tales #110.

Doc FAQ: Wasn't Dr. Strange originally Asian before his return/origin/use as a regular character/whitewash in Strange Tales #115?

It's certainly possible Doc was initially intended to be Asian and then white-washed once they decided to start using him as a regular character- the eyes look very "Asian" in his first appearances, and such an action would fit the sad politics of the time. The counter-argument is that Baron Mordo's eyes are drawn exactly the same way in Strange Tales #111. Mordo was definitely never an Asian character, but a Westerner. It's possible both are Westerners with the "opium-smoking droopy-eyed mystic" trope going on in the early stories as seen below. The Ancient One, definitely an Asian, was drawn with the same type of eyes too. All three have the same Asian and/or mystic eyes.

Ditko Original w/Blue Cape

Amulet of Agamotto is square.

Source: Strange Tales #115.

Ditko Icon

Unambiguously Western features. Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation. Blue pants and shirt. Chest symbol is curvy without eyes. No dots in orange gloves.

Source: Strange Tales #140.


Superhero look. Dark blue suit and mask. Chest symbol is black. Flowy light blue gloves and boots.

Source: Doctor Strange #177.

Classic Colan

Huge Cloak of Levitation curlies with thickness. Huge flowy shirt/skirt. Blue pants and shirt. Chest symbol is curvy without eyes. No dots in orange gloves.

Source: Doctor Strange #17 cover.

Television Movie (1978)

Peter Hooten.

The 80's

As exemplified by Paul Smith. Handlebar-esque moustache. Triangular demon with two eyes. Dots on gloves. Black pants.

Source: Doctor Strange #56 cover.

In A Bad Place

Doc of the Black Arts. Long white hair, eye patch, Wings of Needless Sorrow in place of the Eye of Agamotto.

Source: Strange Tales V2 #14.


Superhero look. Black and white Rorschach mask. Anomaly rue amulet. Black ripped cape with top points like the Cloak. Heavy chest symbol. Green gems on white gloves.

Source: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #61.

Young Again

Long black hair with white streaks. Trenchcoat of Levitation. Sunglasses. Young again. Eternity-esque bodysuit. No moustache.

Source: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #76 cover.

Golden Shirt

Happy goatee face. Trenchcoat of Levitation. Huge golden shirt.

Source: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #90 (1996).

Flight of Bones (1999)

Noirish look. Chest symbol is red, has a curly tail and one eye. Dark blue shirt and black pants. Dots in gloves.

Source: Doctor Strange: The Flight of Bones #4.

Larsen Retro

Drawn by Larsen for Defenders Vol. 2. Back to the Ditko Original complete with Asian features, but with Cloak and Eye.

Source: Defenders #1 cover (2001).

Mutant X

Face hidden (he's Man-Thing underneath) with hooded muscular bodysuit Cloak of Levitation. Mysterious amulet and staff.

Source: Mutant X Annual 2001.

Submitted by Zeichman.

Mangaverse (2002)

Brown hair with white patch in front. Harry Potter type glasses. Mouth hidden by mask. Black double-breasted trenchcoat with gold buttons and black boots.

Source: Marvel Mangaverse #4 cover.

Big In Japan (2006)

Beautiful winged/angel chest logo.

By artist Seth Fisher, who died in January 2006 at age 33 accidentally falling from a building roof in Osaka, Japan.

Source: Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan #2.

The Oath (2007)

Light blue suit. Top is more like a light coat; chest symbol has added curves/"elbows". Normal pants and shoes. Orange gloves. Standard Cloak and Eye. Design by Marcos Martin.

Source: Doctor Strange: The Oath #3 cover.

Bendis New Avengers Era

John-Constantine tan or green trenchcoat, black shirt. No costume at all. Utterly terrible.

Source: New Avengers #1 (2010 Heroic Age issue).

Defenders 2012 (Fraction/Dodson)

Black suit, black boots, with red three-prong chest symbol. Red gauntlets. Yellow circular Eye-like belt buckle and red sash. Heavy handlebar moustache.

Source: Defenders #1 cover; Point One cover.