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March 02020

Comic book shops, already precarious, looking vulnerable in our new virus world

Collected COVID-19/coronavirus links as found; updating:

Diamond Halts Shipments Of All New Comics Due To Coronavirus Pandemic [CBR 3/23/20]

Diamond CEO Steve Geppi Addresses Coronavirus Effect On Distribution

Diamond Allows Stores To Pause Accounts During Coronavirus Shutdown [CBR 3/18/20]

Free Comic Book Day [0]2020 Postponed [was to be Saturday May 2nd]

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Support Your Local Comic Shop During The COVID-19 Crisis

Comic Book Retailer COVID-19 Relief Fund Launched On GoFundMe [GoFundMe] [Newsarama 3/19/20]

AKA Morgan Twitter thread of comic shops world-wide that offer mail subscription services

Marvel Offering Deep Discounts On Comics To Help Retailers Through Coronavirus [Newsarama 3/20/20]

BOOM! Studios Announces Full Returnability And More Retailer COVID-19 Relief Programs [CBR 3/23/20]

Dark Horse Makes All Comics Returnable For Three Months, Reduces Schedule [Bleeding Cool 3/25/20]

Final Crisis? Diamond Comic Distributors Halts Shipments Of New Comics In Response To COVID-19 Shutdowns [Forbes 3/24/20]

Comics Retailers Are Facing A Catastrophe- And Here Are Some Steps We Can Take To Help Avoid It [Beat 3/23/20]

Comics Retailers React To Diamond Ceasing Shipments Of New Comics [Beat 3/24/20]

Comics Pros React To The Diamond Comic Shutdown [CBR 3/24/20]

Here's What Comic Book Stores Are Doing To Help Combat Covid-19 [curbside service; local delivery] [Gizmodo 3/18/20]

Fan Conventions Are Being Postponed Amid Covid-19 Concerns- But Comic-Con Is Still A Go [Washington Post 3/13/20]

Comic Con Spaces Being Repurposed Over Coronavirus Pandemic [Javits, home of NYCC, now a 2,000-bed hospital] [Bleeding Cool 3/24/20]

Brian Hibbs: "I am going to REMEMBER who stood up for the kinds of relief a closed-by-government store NEEDS (Image, Boom!, Dynamite, ETC) and REMEMBER who hasn't (Marvel, DC, Diamond)." [Facebook post 3/22/20]

The State Of The Comics Industry Under Coronavirus- On Tuesday [publisher and retailer closings expected; bookstores have already closed; Marvel and DC creators still working; big comics printer shut down; any move to get comics out digitally is stuck, seen as hurting the direct market shops; working around Diamond?; creator wallets haven't factored in surprise returnability on their creator-owned titles; Marvel/DC or other major crossover/event/combination seen as a savior move] [Bleeding Cool 3/24/20]

Virus tags on comics news sites: [Comic Book Resources] [Bleeding Cool] [Comics Beat]

Retailer Mike Sterling has been blogging about his store and the virus

[25 March 02020]

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