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October 02019

Out today 30 Oct: Doctor Strange Annual #1

Update: This Annual's back-up story reveals that it is part of Wong's bloodline's duties and abilities to use a secret spell to assassinate Sorcerer Supremes who turn evil [Slayer Supreme: If Doctor Strange Turns Evil, [SPOILER] Must Kill Him]

[30 October 02019]

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Out today 2 Oct: Doctor Strange #20 [series finale]

[2 October 02019]

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New York Comic-Con is this weekend 3-6 Oct!

New York Comic Con [0]2019: Dates, Tickets, Schedule, Panels, And News [Den Of Geek]

The Insanely Big After-Party List Of New York Comic Con [0]2019 [Bleeding Cool]

[1 October 02019]

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