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July 02018

Steve Ditko, Spider-Man [And Doctor Strange] Co-Creator And Legendary Comics Artist, Dies At 90 [Hollywood Reporter]

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Updating Ditko RIP links as found:

Steve Ditko, Influential Comic-Book Artist Who Helped Create Spider-Man, Dies At 90 [NYTimes obit]

Steve Ditko 01927-02018 [TCJ obit]

In Memoriam: Steve Ditko [Scoop obit]

Collective Memory: Steve Ditko [Comics Reporter]

Ditko Unleashed: A Major Retrospective Exhibition [happened in Spain; Fall 02016; co-curated by Florentino Flórez and Frédéric Manzano of Editions Déesse] [Paul Gravett interview with Flórez] [via CR] [Ditko Unleashed: An American Hero by IDW; 368-page museum catalogue of exhibit]

Comic Legends: Did Untold Tales Block Ditko's Return To Spider-Man? ["When Ditko found out about the series, he was not happy. He felt that this was essentially saying that he now had collaborators that he never knew about on the original stories. Not only that, but because his planned project was ALSO going to be a continuity insert, he would be 'collaborating' with Busiek NOW, as well."] [Brian Cronin CBR]

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Updating Doctor-Strange-oriented Ditko RIP links as found:

Comic Legends: Are There Unpublished Ditko Doctor Strange Stories? [YES?!] [Brian Cronin CBR]

Ditko's Doctor Strange Was Psychedelic Before Psychedelic Was A Thing [Brian Cronin CBR]

The Ditko Doctor Strange Story That Wasn't A Doctor Strange Story [01969's The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #12, "The Ultimate Evil"] [Brian Cronin CBR] [Bronze Age of Blogs]

[6 July 02018]

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Marvel's Kevin Feige: "we will do" another Doctor Strange movie

Kevin Feige Explains Marvel's Approach To Mixing New Solo Movies And Sequels In Phase 4

One More Avenger Who Died In 'Infinity War' Is Getting A New Standalone Movie

[1 July 02018]

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