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May 02018

Out today 23 May: Doctor Strange #390 [finale of this series]

[23 May 02018]

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Out today 16 May: Avengers #2 [Wikia] [Doc on cover but not in this issue]

Out 5 May: Free Comic Book Day 2018 Avengers book [Wikia]

Out 2 May: Avengers #1 [Volume 8] [Wikia]

(Out 27 Sept 2017: Marvel Legacy #1 [Wikia])

Doctor Strange is part of the new Avengers title, written by Jason Aaron. While dead Celestials fall from the sky, Doc and Black Panther are deep within the Earth learning that something was released when the Empirikul killed magic: the Fallen Celestial defeated by the Avengers team of 1,000,000 BC that included Agamotto, now leading to Loki and the Final Host of Dark Celestials (story pieces shown in Marvel Legacy #1, the Free Comic Book Day 2018 Avengers book, and Avengers #1).

[16 May 02018]

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Marvel/Disney prints money again as Avengers: Infinity War breaks both the domestic opening weekend box office record and worldwide opening record with a massive $250 million domestically and $630 million worldwide, makes $1 billion worldwide in a record 11 days

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[7 May 02018]

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Free Comic Book Day is today! [5 May 02018]

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