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September 02015

MODOK: Assassin #5 series finale out today [far and away Neilalien's favorite of the Secret Wars event] [main Secret Wars event books getting very late] [30 September 02015]

A Problem For The Comics Snob is that superhero comics today have some more polish, more openness to different art styles, less earnestness, and more Matt Fraction, than they have had in the past (but you still gotta read a boatload of shit to be qualified to discuss the few too good to ignore) [enjoyable new R. Fiore (less earnest than usual himself with this essay)] ["It's the absurdity of saying, 'I don't read any of that superhero crap, what I like is Donald Duck.'"] [via CR] [a recent love-note meme-burst has been kinder to Fraction: 6 Reasons Why Matt Fraction's Hawkeye Is One of Marvel's Greatest Comics; Farewell, Bro: How Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye Changed Marvel Comics] [4 September 02015]

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