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Marvel 'Secret Wars' press conference: Incursion (see Hickman's Avengers books) between Marvel-616 and Ultimate Marvel leads to Secret Wars, destruction of everything, a Battleworld comprised of chunks of land from past Marvel storylines and alternate worlds, a new Marvel Universe after
> The Marvel Universe Is Officially Ending In May
> The Marvel Universe Is Ending
> Jonathan Hickman on 'Secret Wars': It's the end of a horror story
> Marvel's 'Secret Wars'- Not a Dream, Not a Hoax and Definitely Not a Reboot
> Marvel Announces Final Issues of 'Avengers' (#44) and 'New Avengers' (#33)
> Marvel Reveals the Creation of 'Secret Wars' Battleworld
[31 January 02015]

"Steve Ditko is one of the best plot men in the biz. When it comes to dreaming up story ideas, putting them together intricately, panel by panel, and utilizing the best of cinematic techniques, the guy's a whiz." [Stan Lee's 01979 introduction to "The Wondrous World of Dr. Strange", in the paperback anthology Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts] [19 January 02015]

Digital Platforms Breathe New Life Into Comics Industry [ on YouTube] [websites, Kickstarter, Comixology, etc., undermine Diamond's distribution monopoly] ["Any time you don't have to ask permission is awesome. And now you don't."] [18 January 02015]

Stan Lee on To Tell The Truth in 01971 [YouTube] [via Sean Howe] [17 January 02015]

Superheroes Help Kids Get Through MRI Scans [kids wear superhero capes and feel braver during MRIs, reducing the need for riskier sedation] [MRI Heroes Kit: Information for Healthcare Providers] [6 January 02015]

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