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The Secret Lair of Dr. Strange, His Creators, and a Ghost of Christmas Past [comprehensive history of 177 Bleecker Street via New York Times mentions and West Village historic district report, and a recap of Roy Thomas using 177A as Dr. Strange's address because he lived there with Bill Everett] [29 December 02014]

Happy Birthday today to Stan Lee! [Wikipedia] ["it's become fashionable to diminish Lee's contributions but read New Gods or Mr. A for the proof"] [28 December 02014]

Hurting essays: "Secret Wars II... is nothing but a series of unimpeachable highlights" [Bill Mantlo uses the Beyonder deus ex machina to tie up ROM loose ends like Rick Jones' awkward cancer ("There's an unwritten rule in superhero books that although exotic fantasy ailments can be easily overcome, real-world diseases must have real-world consequences.")] [the ignominious end of The New Defenders] [when Ben Grimm almost murders a drunk Dazzler-rejected Beyonder in the squared circle] [27 December 02014]

Are We Entering The Age Of The Practical Superhero Costume? [the superhero transition to live-action movies where such real-life things like fabrics and fittings must be considered, (and cosplay culture?,) and more female creators, are behind an evolution in the comic books towards more plausible costume designs: lots more leather jackets, and lots less crime-fighting in circus-strongman spandex, stiletto heels, and bikinis] [update: Marguerite Sauvage's Wonder Woman And The Slowly Changing Face Of Comic Book Fashion; fashion matters; hire women to depict women] [26 December 02014]

Dr. Strange looking strong, re-emerging as the leader of the Black Priests in last week's New Avengers #27 [he disappeared with one of their helmets in #23]

Neilalien has been aloof with Hickman's run: Doc punked by Ebony Maw, trying to sell his soul, the Black Bible thing, etc., seemed like the same old miswriting of Doc; the Incursion/Game of Worlds storyline feels complicated and just incalculably more mass murder by "heroes"; but perhaps Hickman's ambition shouldn't be underestimated here?

Helpful Marvel Wikia entries: [Incursion] [Factions In The Game Of Worlds] [Black Priests]

Great theory/discussion of how Game Of Worlds factions might line up with Illuminati members

[7 December 02014]

Marvel Officially Confirms Benedict Cumberbatch As Doctor Strange [4 December 02014]

Comic Book Greats video from 01991 [while Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld create "Overkill" character based on the name, Stan Lee's constant joking about grabbing credit-ownership-merchandising is overkill] [a glimpse of what might have pissed off Kirby/Ditko? a glimpse of what moved McFarlane/Liefeld to found Image Comics a year later in '92?] ["The kids love chains!"] [via Topless Robot] [3 December 02014]

Esquire "O.K., You Passed the 2-S Test- Now You're Smart Enough for Comic Books" article from September 01966 [with art by Jack Kirby and Marie Severin] [Marvel's popularity on college campuses in the 60's; one of the earliest mainstream pieces on Marvel] [another bit of notorious comics history as Stan Lee is called "the author of Marvel Comics"; except for at least the credits/signatures on the article's illustrations, artists are NOT mentioned] [hat tip: The Comic Book History of Comics: Notes on Sources] [this is a newer link with better scans found at Barry's Pearls of Comic Book Wisdom; article last mentioned/linked on this weblog May 02007] [1 December 02014]

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