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Hank McCoy "is a name well-known in the great game of worlds", but Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange is beneath contempt, in New Avengers #5, sigh.

Doc useless in Age of Ultron #7; he has no clue the timeline has been changed; his ability to find the Invisible Woman trumped by Wolverine's sense of smell; then has a spell disrupted by a garbage can lid (Dungeons & Dragons spell-disruption rules; and while the Thing was supposedly protecting him).

Alt-Doc eats Iron Fist, then incompetently has one of his energy blasts deflected by USAgent's shield, killing Clea, in Dark Avengers #189.

Dormammu is making a play for Limbo and Magik in Uncanny X-Men #6 (nice touch about the Mindless Ones being immune to psychic attack due to mindlessness). At least Dr. Strange is mentioned as someone to be warned about an event like this.

X-Factor #256 concludes the Hell On Earth War story arc with Strong Guy as King of Hell!? The soulless one resurrects Monet. All the Lords of Hell, and Satana, shown killed and presumably reforming elsewhere.

The Ancient One apparently has a hidden library under Riker's Island in Deadpool #9. [Update: Deadpool #9: Scapie The Cat Talks The Ancient One]

[27 May 02013]

50 Years Ago: Strange Tales #110 is dated July 01963, so the comic book with Doctor Strange's first appearance was probably on newsstands right now, 50 years ago [Story List] [24 May 02013]

Sales of long-doomed singles format showing signs of life ["so much for the death of floppies"] [singles have rebounded, $69.2 million in 02010 to $80.5 million in 02012] [fascinating: is writing now for the single digital unit instead of decompressing for the trade paperback making the paper single more satisfying again?] [last month's Jupiter's Legacy #1, a Millar/Quitely superhero tale on Neilalien's radar, is the first Image book other than The Walking Dead to top 100K singles sales in many years] ["Retrofit Comics is dedicated to publishing and distributing floppy alt-comics"] [11 May 02013]

Dan Adkins has died; Silver Age artist who worked on Dr. Strange, including classic Doctor Strange #169 cover [Mark Evanier announcement; with unfortunate Adkins swiping meme] [Redux: page from Doctor Strange #169 shown to be a swipe] [Redux: when Adkins himself was swiped; Strange Tales #167 art used for original Dungeons & Dragons box set] [Wikipedia page] [9 May 02013]

Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday! [1 May 02013]

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