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A call for grassroots action to shame Marvel/Disney into giving some of the fortune they have made off of Steve Ditko to Steve Ditko [Also: Legend Jerry Ordway on what the comic book industry is doing to its veterans] [the state of the comics creators over 50: still vital, no work, no royalties] [24 March 02013]

ComiXology website broken by popular Marvel promotion making 700 #1 issues available for free download [12 March 02013]

The Ditko Public Service Package reprint is taking pledges on Kickstarter [via Bleeding Cool] [10 March 02013]

J.M. DeMatteis's early 90's treatment for a Doctor Strange movie [Part 1] [Part 2] [Finale] [9 March 02013]

Doctor Strange Confirmed For Marvel Studios Phase Three [Ant-Man, which opens 6 November 02015, sets the tone for Phase Three] [8 March 02013]

Sanctum Awards for 02012 [comprehensive annual list of Dr. Strange and related appearances] [3 March 02013]

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