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Link storage for Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe [official website; excerpts] [Amazon] [Howe interview on CBR; extensive research; Ditko non-response] [selected reviews/recaps: A.V. Club A-; NY Times; LA Times; Washington Post; Robot 6; Too Busy Thinking; Hooded Utilitarian] [10 Things You Didn't Know: "Maybe the worst proposal: a Saturday-morning cartoon series that would have paired superheroes such as Thor, the Black Panther and Doctor Strange with canine sidekicks."] [The Innate Conservatism of Comics] [TCJ excerpt and comments re: Image rebellion/formation] [former editor Bob Greenberger criticism that much was missed; Comics Commentary comment praising Jim Amash creator interviews for Alter Ego] [Roy Thomas corrections and suggestions; #2] [Tony Isabella; #2] [update: Franklin Harris] [update: Comics Reporter interview with Sean Howe] [updating as found] [30 December 02012]

Doctor Strange and related art: [Doc and Spidey vs. Dracula NYCC commission by Andy MacDonald] [Oliver Nome] [Steve Rude] [David Mack] [Doc with Batman by Kevin Nowlan] [Steve Epting] [Sean Chen] [Aaron McConnell] [Matteo Scalera] [Marc Ellerby] [Daniel Spottswood] [Dr. Fate vs. Baron Mordo pin-up by Dennis Fujitake] ["Il Misterioso Steve", Sergio Ponchione's tribute to Steve Ditko] [redux: Frank Brunner concept art for the 70's Dr. Strange TV movie] [animated Kirby machinery by Kerry Callen!] [29 December 02012]

Happy 90th Birthday to Stan Lee! [28 December 02012]

Peter Parker death achieves desired Amazing Spider-Man #700 finale press bump and sales bump [Dr. Octopus takes over as Spider-Man in Peter's body as Peter dies in Ock's body; the scene] [once again, so much for disgusted hardcore fans voting with their wallets against gimmicks] [1:200 Ditko cover variant $1,000 on Ebay] [this too shall pass (poll: how long will death last?), Superman's death blah blah the only permanent death in comics is Uncle Ben, just shaking things up after 50 years of stories (says grown man still pissed Brother Voodoo was ever Sorcerer Supreme)] [readable Alonso interview] [our internet age: ending was leaked online; unfortunate juxtaposition of child who intends to beat leukemia just as surely as Peter will defeat Doc Ock (oops) is exploited and apologized for; and writer Dan Slott receiving death threats WTF- remember when we used to just say they raped our childhoods?] [hmmm Dr. Strange may be needed to bring Peter Parker back somehow] [deal-with-the-devil One More Day still worse] [27 December 02012]

Dark Avengers #184, out today, starts new 5-ish "Darkness" story arc by Jeff Parker; features Dr. Strange and Clea in some kind of alternate reality where the Marvel heroes are baddies fighting amongst themselves for territory [Marvel's January solicits for #185 and #186: "The Deadly Dr. Strange!"] [Parker: not in another dimension; Dr. Strange will get his freak on] [12 December 02012]

Dr. Strange helps fight dead Presidents in Deadpool #3, out today [it's a fun humorous-Deadpool version of Doc] [huge bonus points: Benjamin Franklin and Clea's romance mentioned!] [variant cover with Doc] [Brian Posehn is writing comics now?] [5 December 02012]

Amazing Spider-Man #700 is using Ditko's original unused Amazing Fantasy #15 cover as a variant cover [big anniversary issue is selling well at $7.99; out later this month] [Kirby's cover got the nod in 01962] [#700 preview] [4 December 02012]

New Avengers #1 Epting art peek [Comics Ledger alternate preview link] [Marvel January solicit text: "To prevent the collision of our universe with another, the Illuminati, led by the Black Panther, must assemble NOW! It's the most powerful and brilliant team in the Marvel Universe-- The Black Panther, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic, Namor the Sub-Mariner and The Beast-- against an infinite legion of parallel realities."] [2 December 02012]

The terrible numbers: where the $3 we pay for a creator-owned mainstream comic goes [update, links] [from Jim Zub (Skullkickers)] [Small Fish, Big Pond: comics sales dwarfed by DVDs, music, books] [reminds of One Casino In Joliet from 02003] [1 December 02012]

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