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Doctor Strange reinstated as Sorcerer Supreme by the Ancient One in New Avengers #34 Bendis finale [hopefully ending one of the worst and way-too-long eras for the character re: terrible mopey characterization (such as "always blaming himself and apologizing"), incompetent ineffectual, nonheroism (Illuminati), disregard for Doc facts/history his hardcore fans enjoy knowing, those terrible Dungeons & Dragons spell descriptions, no costume whatsoever just a trenchcoat, etc.] [so Doc lost the mantle for using dark magic and not being pure enough, and then gets it back by using the dark arts and killing Daniel Drumm? WTF] [basically big thumbs up for Doc vs. The World art by Deodato- the artist jam was hit-or-miss but interesting] [so the toys really are unbreakable?] [update: Sanctum Sanctorum Comix review] [Jonathan Hickman (The Nightly News, Fantastic Four) is next, via New Avengers relaunch] [28 November 02012]

Doctor Strange challenges body-jumping-spirit Daniel Drumm to the death in New Avengers #33 cliffhanger [as many reviewers have stated: while we all like Oeming, his cartoony art style here is a jarring ill-fitting departure for this story arc] [preview of New Avengers #34; out this Wednesday 11/28] [the new New Avengers relaunch by Jonathan Hickman starting in January is billed as dark and apocalyptic with a large Illuminati-oriented roster that includes Dr. Strange; Marvel's February 02013 solicits include a New Avengers #3 cover with Doc in the new uniform but also with Eye and Cloak!] [does the #3 cover with Eye and Cloak mean there's Sorcerer-Supreme reinstatement for Doc between now and then? we shall see in two days] [26 November 02012]

The Impossible End: Matt Fraction's Defenders ending not so impossible as title closes with #12 [neat premise- wacky Earth-616 actually constructed purposefully by the Concordance Engines assembling the best of the multiverse to stand against the Death Celestials; marred by the execution: terrible Dr. Strange characterization with one night stands, mass murder- and sad reality of current comics marketplace forcing TPB-filling padding and then cancellation] [resolution: Dr. Strange brought back in time to the first issue when the Hulk asks for his help against Nul, The Breaker Of Worlds; he takes the one-night-stand student Molly out to the Nighthawks diner (a Defenders pun?) instead, and due to that small act of kindness isn't at the Sanctum to be recruited by the Hulk, so the events of the series no longer occur, reminiscent of Dallas's entire ninth season being a dream] [Wong not dead] [relentless negative review by Sanctum Sanctorum Comix] [Marvel's February 02013 solicits include new series Fearless Defenders #1; all-female team unrelated to Dr. Strange] [25 November 02012]

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is tomorrow Saturday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC! [9 November 02012]

Happy 85th birthday last week to Steve Ditko! [Five For Friday Ditko Favorites survey] [Amazing Adult Fantasy splash pages] [Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 splash pages] [Google logo by Bruce McCorkindale] [Michel Fiffe's tale of interacting with Steve Ditko] [Ditko Monsters from IDW will collect Gorgo in January] [8 November 02012]

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