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DC Comics wins crucial victory in Superman legal battle [judge rules 01992 agreement with Joe Shuster's sister/heir Jean Peavy for $600K nuked any future rights-claim to the billion-dollar property] [more: Hollywood Reporter] [more: DC goes after heirs attorney Marc Toberoff, claiming willful concealment of evidence] [Laura Siegel Larson open letter vows to fight against $35 million of Warner corporate lawyers] [Comics Reporter: A successful creative journey doesn't need to end with a wounded family; comics should aspire to something better.] [update: DC Appeals Siegel Ownership of Half of Superman Rights after seemingly securing the rights to Joe Shuster's half; the Siegels succeeded earlier where the Shusters did not] [more: Business Week] [21 October 02012]

Wong shown deceased in Defenders #11 [spoiler time has passed] [moving moment, but surely this is an alternate future timeline dimension timeloop Concordance Engine who is this doin' this some static type of alpha beta psychedelic funkin', right? Right? Bueller? or can we wish a resurrection upon an Engine again?] [Neilalien-approved review; Pierfederici art good but jarring mid-arc change from better-suited McKelvie art] [out this week: New Avengers #31; the Bendis magic-oriented finale begins: his last chance to undo some of the damage he's caused "unbreakable toy" Dr. Strange with a hoped-for restoration as Sorcerer Supreme or equivalent meaning and competence level; mostly just talking heads around a dinner table so far... again... but Daimon Hellstrom (not 'Hellstorm') and Jennifer Kale get attacked by what is presumably a body-jumping Daniel Drumm] [17 October 02012]

Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin would write Doctor Strange- but only with an iron-clad contract saying his story would be canon forever and never retconned [LOL] [Martin would also keep Doc separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe and focusing on external Cthulhan threats- good idea] [14 October 02012]

New York Comic-Con this weekend! [sold out] [full program schedule] [Comic Book Resources coverage] [parties list] [11 October 02012]

Stan Lee Media's "somewhat tortured history of litigation" continues, now suing Disney for Marvel billions [LA Times] [Hollywood Reporter] [Deadline] [PDF] [claims have been rejected by three federal district court judges so far; maybe fourth time's a charm] [10 October 02012]

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