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We sadly still live in a world where a black man in a Dr. Strange costume causes a fuss [white female Dr. Strange is OK tho] [26 August 02012]

"A Sorcerer Supreme ascends! Who will be the new master of Marvel magic? And what sacrifice will they have to make to achieve such power?" [Marvel's solicitation text for November's New Avengers #33] [this better be the reinstatement of Dr. Strange] [CBR interview with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso: "Dr. Strange in particular plays a major role in Brian Bendis' final "New Avengers End Times" in New Avengers #31-34] [Brother Voodoo on the covers; #31 Doc cover] [25 August 02012]

Stan-Lee- and Steve-Ditko-created cultural icon Spider-Man: this month marks 50 years since the publication of Amazing Fantasy #15 in 01962 [Comics Reporter: massive John Romita Sr. interview from 02002] [The History of Spider-Man (dwell on all the good- not the clones, the symbiotes, Gwen Stacy Goblin kids, selling a marriage to Satan)] Comics Should Be Good: [50 Greatest Spider-Man Covers of All-Time] [50 Greatest Spider-Man Stories Ever Told] [50 Greatest Spider-Man Friends and Foes (no Dr. Strange or Hypno-Hustler?)] [24 August 02012]

The Creativity of Ditko is out this week [a companion to Craig Yoe's previous The Art of Ditko] [IDW press release] [dedicated to Booksteve] [DitkoCultist look inside] [Amazon link is always informative but please consider buying via your local comics shop] [16 August 02012]

Joe Kubert, legendary comics creator, has died; he was 85 [collected links at Comics Reporter] [links updated] [12 August 02012]

Dr. Strange art: [Michel Fiffe!] [get his Deathzone! Suicide Squad comic!] [Cool fake Doctor Strange movie poster by SkinnyGlasses/Luke Mawdsley] [Caravan Studio] [Ron Salas] [Alexander Serra] [Des Taylor] [Christopher Charlie] [11 August 02012]

Some recent Doctor Strange appearances: Alan Davis has been generously beautifully including Dr. Strange so far in his three ClanDestine 'comeback' annuals [Fantastic Four Annual #33 from July, Daredevil Annual #1 this week, and Wolverine Annual #1 later this month] [the Daredevil has lots of Doc, and Dominic Destine the Creeper-like one, and even refers to Doc's app in 01995's ClanDestine #8!; and all in Doc's original costume and Cloak and Eye too!- the great Davis must have veto power re: what he wants to draw] [New Avengers #29 has the return of the Illuminati; Avengers vs. X-Men complicates things; if you enjoy superhero comics that are like board meetings with nary a punch, this one's for you] [Dark Avengers #177 has an awesome little reference to the Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment graphic novel; thank you Jeff Parker!] [Avenging Spider-Man #8] [Daredevil #16; thank you Mark Waid for having Doc here as a consulting neurosurgeon] [new Defenders appear in New Mutants #44; after seeing so much Doc in his great old costume, it sucks to see him in his new suit again with that spell-name shit] ["Defenders #9 definitively shows Matt Fraction's ability to deliver on the premise and promise of this series"] [10 August 02012]

Marvel Cancels Defenders With Issue 12 [the book is not selling grrr sigh] [9 August 02012]

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