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"The problem with Before Watchmen is that DC Comics cheated Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons out of the rights to Watchmen." [update: related: creator Chris Roberson and DC part ways over Before Watchmen, more: "In a better world, characters like the Legion would be owned by a more ethical company."] [update: related (there will always be more related): Mightygodking pulverizes Scott Kurtz wtf doublespeak that wanting fairness for Kirby vs. Marvel is 'cynical'] [26 April 02012]

Much-long-awaited new Flex Mentallo collection gives the original a drab brown recoloring disappointing to many [The Tearoom of Despair] [Mindless Ones] [Morrison and Quitely were never happy with the original colors; they worked for this new non-jarring natural palette] [did pop-garish become part of the point? "the superhero comics Flex was paying homage to were often garish... more interesting than the gradients of brown and grey that replaced them"] [creator vision more closely achieved, taking advantage of modern ability to overcome past printing/newsprint limits, etc.- some kinds of pee in our fondly-remembered treasures are more acceptable than others] [25 April 02012]

Zen Studios' Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles video game (PSN, Xbox Live) has a World War Hulk table which includes Doctor Strange [the pack also includes an Infinity Gauntlet table; not obvious yet if Doc's part of that one too] [25 April 02012]

When collectibles die: Consider the postmodern artifact of the CGC-slabbed 9.8 grade Civil War #2, not even a first printing, with Big Event (Peter Parker's ID reveal) undone and rendered meaningless soon after [24 April 02012]

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Fest this weekend in NYC! [MoCCA 10th Anniversary!] [P. Craig Russell is the Guest of Honor!] [Gary Panter to be awarded!] [23 April 02012]

Marvel's June 02012 solicitations for Dr. Strange include Defenders #7, Defenders showing up in New Mutants #44 (Doc on cover), Avenging Spider-Man #8 [July's solicits include one of the variant covers of Avengers vs. X-Men #8 with a screaming Doc, Defenders #8, Fantastic Four Annual #33 by Alan Davis (and Man-Thing Omnibus hardcover with Frank Brunner cover)] [22 April 02012]

Doctor Strange art: [Jackson Guice and Drew Geraci] [Doctor Strange #14 covered by Hob] [Doctor Strange #80 covered by Peter Maggs] [Aaron McConnell] [Jason Quinones] [22 April 02012]

Writer Zak Penn (Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk and story credit for The Avengers) tweets he "might do something very strange later this year", then must clarify to speculating fans it's not the Dr. Strange movie [via Superhero Authority] [21 April 02012]

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