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Long essay about Johnny Hart and his religious B.C. comic strips, by R.C. Harvey at TCJ ["The good news about Hart's Islam-is-poo strip," [Berke] Breathed said, "is that at least you know a real human has shown up for work with his strip... It's the very bit of life that the comic page is needing as it gets consumed by the Jim Davises of the world and their writing staffs."] [24 March 02012]

5 Reasons David Cronenberg Should Direct "Doctor Strange" [23 March 02012]

X-Factor #232 of interest to Dr. Strange fans [dead dimension-hopping Madrox shows that Doc is incompetent now in all realities] [masked Doc; Cloaked natural-gas blue-flame version of Dormammu in 616?] [preview; out last month] [plot summary] [fantastic cover by David Yardin] [22 March 02012]

DitkoCultist has started curating Ditko letters and Ditko interviews [21 March 02012]

Marvel-owner Disney estimated to lose $200 million on John Carter, biggest movie flop/writedown of all time [$184 million in worldwide (a dud in the USA, doing much better overseas) ticket sales sounds can't-lose, but when the movie staggeringly costs $250 million to make + $100 million more for the worst marketing campaign ever, half of $184 million (it's split with theaters) equals a $200 million disaster for Disney] [Dr.-Strange-esque The Sorcerer's Apprentice was another recent big Disney writedown] [all hopes pinned on The Avengers now; latest trailer looks awesome] [20 March 02012]

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