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What Dr. Strange really said to creep out Red She-Hulk [25 January 02012]

Defenders #4 preview [Dr. Strange story: "Who Is The Great Lost Love Of Dr. Stranges Life? Why Does A Young-Gun Magician Have Strange In His Sights?"] [25 January 02012]

Stan Lee letter to fan reveals Ditko credit; it was almost Mr. Strange [9 January 01963 Lee letter to Dr. Jerry Bails posted online; they were going to call Dr. Strange Mr. Strange instead; "just a 5-page filler"; is this the source of infamous "'twas Steve's idea" credit to Ditko that appeared as a Lee interview/letter in Bails fanzine The Comic Reader #6 (June 01963)?] [Marvel Age of Comics] [25 January 02012]

Defenders #2 preview; out tomorrow [3 January 02012]

Marvel drawing internet ire and boycotts after being spotted on that list of organizations supporting the very troubling Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) [call your Congresscritter] [2 January 02012]

'Doctor Strange: Season One' Coming in 02012 from Greg Pak and Emma Rios [1 January 02012]

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