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Thorough refutation of the Dr. Strange that Matt Fraction apparently has in mind for his upcoming Defenders series [further criticism by Doc uber-fan Sanctum Sanctorum Comix of the Point One teaser story] [30 November 02011]

Animated classic comic covers by Kerry Callen [29 November 02011]

Comparing P. Craig Russell's art on similar Doctor Strange stories 20 years apart [in Doctor Strange Annual #1 (01976) and the graphic novel What Is It That Disturbs You Stephen? (01997)] [20 November 02011]

The Tragic Tale of Bill Mantlo [and the failings of the US healthcare system and its reform re: long-term care] [via CR] [14 November 02011]

Ditko at Valiant and Defiant [Part 1; Part 2, Part 3] [Jim Shooter relating Ditko stories; tons of comments] [13 November 02011]

Doctor Strange art: [Bully gallery of Doc two-page spreads] [Kevin Nowlan] [Gerald Parel] [Robert Wilson IV] [Monty redesign] [Doc with Janelle Monae and Ronnie James Dio] [Doc category at Covered] [12 November 02011]

The Vengeance miniseries, Joe Casey's teen-evil romp through the Marvel Universe, includes Doctor Strange goodies, a child embodiment of the In-Betweener, Loki using the Tiboro Screaming Idol [interview: the broken Direct Market at least provides the freedom and opportunity of no-expectations no-sales] [11 November 02011]

Matt Fraction Defenders interview at Comics Alliance [infectious enthusiasm for new Defenders and a cool-sounding Marvel Universe Grand-Unification story nuked for Neilalien because it will also apparently include an atrocious creepy-asshole James-Spader "he would sleep with Kitty Pryde!?" interpretation of Dr. Strange and more sad self-loathing damaged non-heroes; expect all the tragedy and feet-of-clay and weirdness that makes Marvel heroes and Defenders tick, but none of the dignity and morality/heroism?] [Loikamania podcast Fraction interview: Defenders #4 will be a Doc issue] [10 November 02011]

Defenders #1 preview [U-Decide: Dr. Strange hooks up old-school-Clea-style- or a huge WTF of unrecognizably bad characterization: taking advantage of a young woman, drinking alcohol, mistfully worrying about dying alone?] [update: we can still hope it's an effect of Nul's 'entirely-wrong presence'] [update: Defenders #1 Immonen variant cover] [update: another preview with all variant covers; looks like variant covers are back, sigh] [9 November 02011]

Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko! [2 November 02011]

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