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Bookstores Drop Comics After Amazon Deal With DC [Barnes & Noble to pull DC graphic novels in digital spat] [19 October 02011]

Who Is Doctor Strange? [long wonderful essay by Doc uber-fan Sanctum Sanctorum Comix, answering new-fan questions] [9 October 02011]

Disney Music Group's recent domain name purchases include variations of [8 October 02011]

The Birth Of The Marvel Universe [massive text by 20th Century Danny Boy piecing together Stan Lee v. Jack Kirby (including from Lee's 02010 depositions, under oath), showing that (1) we may never know the true history, and (2) in the best comic team-ups, the heroes always battle each other too] [7 October 02011]

Spotlight on Doctor Strange with Michael Golden and Frank Miller [gallery of Golden covers] [another sad anecdote of fan disillusionment with the talented Golden] [6 October 02011]

Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop shows that Dr. Strange is always changing and updating the illusion at 177A Bleecker Street [Neilalien photo from 02003] [many Doc fans have made the pilgrimmage] [5 October 02011]

Kieron Gillen's excellent Journey Into Mystery #627 last month is a must-read for all fans of Doctor Strange and Marvel cosmology; filled with strong characterization, wit, Mephisto, Nightmare, Cyttorak, Living Tribunal references, etc. [and Richard Elson art] [despite no explodo, and being only a side interlude to the Fear Itself main narrative (if you're following it)] [some approved reviews: JonesDeini; IGN; Comics Bulletin] [Gillen just keeps piling up excellence, from Phonogram, to his stuff at Marvel, including "The Cure" in The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange and his stunningly refreshing non-doofy Batroc Ze Leaper in the fun Captain America and Batroc one-shot earlier this year; good-readin' piece about Gillen and Batroc] [4 October 02011]

It's tough being a Dr. Strange fan: Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans might be made into movies first [3 October 02011]

Marvel Comics solicitations for December 02011 include Defenders #1 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson with Doctor Strange in new black and red costume [at least it's some kind of costume and not boring street clothes; clothes make the man] [also: Doc in The Coming of the Defenders (Marvel Feature #1-3 collected again); an OHOTMU Defenders update (curious to hear how they describe Doc's recent non-exploits); the kiddie Super Heroes #21; an Untold Tales of Spider-Man Omnibus hardcover that includes Strange Encounter; and Doctor Strange #53 in a West Coast Avengers collection (the original Fantastic Four #19 Rama-Tut tale that kept getting add-ons)] [2 October 02011]

Tony Isabella's Ant-Man five-pager with Steve Ditko from The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #24 (01990) [Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] [Comics Reporter did the heavy lifting re: collecting the links] [1 October 02011]

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