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The Immortality of Doctor Strange [30 September 02011]

Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin was a Marvel Zombie letterhack [his letter in Avengers #12 01964] [29 September 02011]

The Asgardian-boosted, Tron-caduceused Mighty Doctor Strange revealed [tiny preview of The Mighty in Fear Itself #7 finale, out 19 October] ["How is this not a complete ripoff of Blackest Night (hammers instead of rings)?"] [28 September 02011]

"You may not realize this, but Dr. Strange and the Man-Thing have have something in common: murderous Christians hate them." [27 September 02011]

Stan Lee's "How I Invented Spider-Man" 01977 Quest article [Related: Steve Bissette explores "co-creation": "Writing alone- sans any character sketches- is not by any stretch of the imagination the full creation of a character in comic books."] [4 September 02011]

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