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Doctor Strange Halloween costume mask Happy Halloween to all! Time to wear our garbage-bag Doctor Strange costumes!

While Doctor Strange is at one of his lowest points in the actual comics (hopefully the darkest before the Waid light?), incongruously, he is at one of his highest points in pop culture/mass media (see Megan Fox photo shoot, Melrose Place mention, etc.) [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]
Neilalien was thinking the exact same thing.

The Creeper by Steve Ditko hardcover expanded [press release at ComicList] [thanks Chasdom!]
The February release will now include a 25-page Creeper story story originally slated to appear in Showcase #106, entitled 'Enter Dr. Storme', written and illustrated by Ditko, and featuring an appearance by Ditko's character The Odd Man, in black and white. The page count has increased to 288 pages and the price remains $39.95. An addition to sweeten the pot for those on the fence about this book. The story is being billed in places as "never seen before", but it has appeared, in Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2 [Wikipedia entry] [thanks to Ditko Comics for the reminder on that item].

The Comic Book Greats: Rob Liefeld video watched: "As Liefeld rushes to finish the drawing on Stan's deadline, Stan starts joking about how his suggestion to add spikes makes Cross a collaboration, and starts referring to him as 'my character' and 'our creation.' He's laughing. Rob's laughing. Steve Ditko is gritting his teeth." [ComicsAlliance] [thanks Dustin!]

Marvel Titles Available In Apple's iTunes Store; Marvel Comics now on the iPhone [Mashable] [Robot 6] [Marvel Comics] [Comixology]
$2 each seems high.

Where did all the action go in some of today's superhero comics? [Omnium Gatherum column at Comics Waiting Room]

Biography of The Comics Journal as it moves to less-deadtree more-online [Permanent Damage]

Collection of Ryan Dunlavey comic strip mashups for Wizard and ToyFare [Ryan Dunlavey; "Fantastic Family Circus" includes Doc and Sanctum] [thanks John!]

Creepy but oddly compelling Spider-Man jumble art [by Richt]

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At auction: Doctor Strange action figure haunted by the "evil spirit of sicko" hanged woman from the 01800's, moves by itself, spell of protection included, all sales final [EBay]

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A Mr. A 32-page black-and-white reprint of the 01973 book originally published by Joe Brancatelli's Comic Art Publishers is imminent from Ditko, $5, includes "Right To Kill" and "When Is A Man To Be Judged Evil" [Ditko Comics]

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Beautiful Doctor Strange commission by Chris Stevens Beautiful Doctor Strange commission by Chris Stevens [DeviantART] [via Giant Size Marvel]

Double-jointed man examines the Ditko hands of Doctor Strange [Mostly Muppet]

Lovenote to Gene Colan and Tom Palmer's Doctor Strange #14 cover [Comic Cover Masterpieces]

SanctumSanctorumComix reviews Doctor-Strange-oriented Super Hero Squad cartoon episodes "Enter Dormammu" and "Night In The Sanctorum"

Will Marvel Ever Make a Doctor Strange Movie? []

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Yikes! World War Con: Big Apple Comic-Con 02010 scheduled for same October weekend as New York Comic-Con 02010 [Robot 6] [The Beat]

Anger at Diamond's monopoly status or making simple business decisions is misplaced; Marvel/DC pull the strings [Brian Hibbs Tilting At Windmills]

02009 shaping up as stable year for comics sales, wonderful news given the recession [Comics Reporter]
Sales plunging on books Marvel has recently moved to new $3.99 price point? [ICv2]

Bill K. reviews Robert Crumb's new, long-form comics adaptation of the Book of Genesis [Print]

28 great "If" story titles from 01960's Marvel [A Dispensible List of Comic Book Lists]

Hilarious: 42 Essential 3rd Act Twists [Dresden Codak] [via Boing Boing]

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A Lantern in a Doctor Strange Halloween costume In this past week's DCU Halloween Special [0]2009: Guy Gardner throws a Halloween party on Oa, and one of the Lanterns shows up dressed as Doctor Strange
[thanks Christian (and his wife!) for the FYI and scan!]

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Marvel January 02010 solicitations include Strange #3 with cover [Comic Book Resources]
Also Doc in Invincible Iron Man #22 by Matt Fraction; and appearing in several reprints.

STRANGE #3 (of 4) Written by MARK WAID Penciled by EMMA RIOS Cover by TOMM COKER: Stephen Strange and his new apprentice travel not to the Ruins of Raggador or the Dread Dimension of Dormammu... but to a small Southern town conducting a bizarre ritual of its own, one that threatens the life of every young girl in the state! Plus: more on the secrets that Stephen himself is hiding from his student!

Update: Wolverine: Origins #44's cover has Ruby Thursday!? [via The Hurting]

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From the recent Big Apple Comic-Con Joe Quesada Q&A [Comic Book Resources]
The fans keep asking about Doctor Strange, and we keep getting the same fossilized-meme answer:

Finally delving into the actual comics themselves, a fan wanted to know why Marvel seems to continually reinvent Doctor Strange, using as an example his recent loss of the Sorcerer Supreme moniker. "The honest answer is that Doctor Strange is one of a small handful of characters that whenever you see them guest star, you go, 'Oh! Doctor Strange! I wish he had his own series,'" Quesada answered. "Then we launch a series, and nobody buys it." Marvel's current plan for Stephen Strange- aside from the upcoming "Strange" miniseries by Mark Waid and Emma Rios- is to re-spin the character in a way that would eventually support an ongoing series. Quesada argued that Marvel still hasn't figured out the perfect recipe for the former Master of the Mystic Arts. Still, he suggested, Iron Man's current success is proof that a lesser-known character could eventually become a household name, which should provide some hope that Doctor Strange will eventually attain A-list status.

From the latest Cup O' Joey Quesada Q&A [Comic Book Resources]:

Kiel Phegley: Stephen Sanders moved the topic along to another character who has been known to pop in and out of the Avengers over the years, especially recently, when he asked, "After his mini-series, will Dr. Strange be involved in New Avengers or the next event in [0]2010?"
Joe Quesada: Hey, there, Stephen Sanders, Strange shows up for a little bit in "New Avengers" #59-60, alongside a roster of other guest stars, including Misty Knight, Daredevil and Doctor Voodoo. So yes, we'll continue to see Strange in concert with the Avengers when applicable. As a matter of fact, there's one storyline that we discussed at the Avengers summit that would virtually require his involvement.

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Legendary comics artist George Tuska has died [Comics Reporter obit]

Tuska images from this blog redux [1] [2]:

Doctor Strange by George Tuska

Where's my money, honey?

Update: Reflections on Geo. Tuska [News From Mark Evanier]

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Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1 slideshow preview, available for pre-order [Fantagraphics]

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Strange: Higher Education [Mark Waid interview at]
Will the new four-issue post-Sorcerer-Supreme miniseries be as refreshing as billed, or about as exciting as Tony Stark relegated to using the old first clunky yellow armor again? We shall see 4 November. Also: issue #2's cover by Tomm Coker.

Shaky Bacon as Dr. Strange [Flickr]
By the creator of Mr. Toast, naturally. [thanks John!]

--VOLTORG! [Lone Panel]
LP lists the source as Giant-Size Doctor Strange #1, but Neilalien readers know that's a reprint of Strange Tales #166.

Reports coming in that Toyfare Magazine #148 is the beginning of a Dr. Strange centered arc in "Twisted Toyfare Theater", challenging the Ancient One to find a better Sorcerer Supreme [thanks Howard!]

Doctor Strange will be in another Super Hero Squad episode: "Night in the Sanctorum" premieres Wednesday 21 October 8:30 AM [Marvel Animation Age] [thanks Sanctum!]

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A big thumbs up for Doctor Strange uberfan Sanctum Sanctorum Comix on his one-year blogiversary!
That guy's put up more content in a year than Neilalien has in ten.

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Editor of Mark Waid/Emma Rios' Strange miniseries recommends book to Dr. Strange fans [Baltimore Comic-Con Mondo Marvel Panel coverage at Comic Book Resources]
In other news, air salesperson recommends air to drowning people. One month away to the chance to breathe again.

MoCCA Art Festival moves to April; new Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest announced for December! [Robot 6] [Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival official website]
Just when you thought Brooklyn couldn't get any more beautiful.

Thank-you note to Editori-Al Milgrom [Aisle Seat column by Marc Mason at Comics Waiting Room]

13 August 01972 Washington Post story on the 17-year-old Gary Groth [Comics Comics]
Gary Groth's zine, Fantastic Fanzine #10 from 01969 when Groth was about 15 years old, profiled, available as PDF []
(And there's a small Doctor Strange illo on page 32.)

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Steve Ditko- Spider-Man's Forgotten Father []

Monsters just don't carry around unconscious chicks anymore like they used to [Retrospace] [another gallery of movie posters at Retrocrush] [Scarlet Showcase gallery] [Movie Morlocks] [via Kottke]

Love note to the cracked mirror Warren Ellis has held up to the superhero genre, Planetary [Comics Alliance]
After ten years, the series ends with #27.
Update: Geoff Klock review.

All of Polite Dissent's stomping every last drop of wonder out of Fringe like some uptight know-it-all square delightful informative scientific/medical analyses of Fringe episodes, all in one place [Polite Dissent's Fringe Page]

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Reports coming in that this week's episode of Melrose Place mentioned Doctor Strange!
If you have the means and desire to view, download, etc., it's Season 1, Episode 5, episode name is "Canon", original air date is 6 October 02009, at around the 25 minute point [thanks readers! and Neilalien doesn't judge you for your tastes in TV ;) ]:

Dude who just got interrogated by a cop re: a stolen valuable necklace: "He could be getting a search warrant right now. Next thing we know, LAPD's busting down our door, rummaging through all of our stuff..."
Girl: "Yeah, and what are they going to find? Your Doctor Strange comic collection?"

Megan Fox photo shoot, Melrose Place, etc.- Doctor Strange's been getting around ever since he ditched that Sorcerer Supreme thing...

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The Super Hero Squad Show episode #5 "Enter Dormammu" debuting Doctor Strange is on the Cartoon Network tomorrow Saturday morning 8:30 AM [] [Wikipedia Page with episode list] [Cartoon Network's largely useless schedule page]

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Anomaly rue window spotted in recent Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #58 [Sanctum Sanctorum Comix]

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New Federal Trade Commission guidelines call for up to $11,000 fines re: bloggers' nondisclosure of freebies, review copies, advertiser relationships; comics bloggers/reviewers mull implications [PC Mag] [GalleyCat]

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A certain Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1 comic book came out today. Neilalien would never cheerfully link to negative reviews, do his own petulant negative reviews, actively wish that such a comic book would fail, etc.- that would be bitter, disrespectful to the creators, and bad karma- and the industry/artform has enough struggling comic books, and the internet enough trolls. But if it's possible for a Doctor Strange fan to vote his displeasure with his dollars and (lack of blog-)attention without being an ass, that's what Neilalien is doing. For now, the book will find no economic or promotional succor from this website. Should this prove to be an oversight, because the book provides quality Marvel Magic and/or Doctor Strange appearances given the nature of this website, this can be rectified at a future time, like upon the release of a trade paperback- and the book is absolutely welcome- nay challenged- to grow into such a great book, or positively add to Doctor Strange canon, such that Neilalien can no longer sensically ignore it unto obscurity (that might also happen if a particularly terrible Doctor Strange appearance inspires a rant). Under different circumstances, a new Marvel Magic book, and a Brother Voodoo book by Rick Remender, would be an awesome event for this fan- but not under the current circumstance: this book is eating Doctor Strange's lunch.

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Cool new Bowen Dormammu statue in development! Check out the pics [Statue Marvels] [thanks Pmpknface!]

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Ditko's newer comics reviewed [Comics Commentary] [via Ditko Comics]
Includes one of Ditko's recent pages showing fans bawling and whining because he won't "perform" for them (interviews, conventions, autographs, etc.).

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The Top Five Most Iconic Doctor Strange Covers

Neilalien enjoyed Comics Should Be Good's Most Iconic Covers Month. September has now passed, and Doctor Strange was somehow overlooked, harrumph. So here's Neilalien's list, in chronological order:

Strange Tales #146

Strange Tales #146, art by Steve Ditko. Finally, a full Doctor Strange Strange Tales cover, and by Ditko.

Doctor Strange #169

Doctor Strange #169, art by Dan Adkins.

Marvel Premiere #3

Marvel Premiere #3, art by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Doctor Strange #1

Doctor Strange #1, art by Frank Brunner.

Doctor Strange #49

Doctor Strange #49, art by Marshall Rogers.

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