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Doctor Strange on the Postal Bulletin cover Doctor Strange may not be one of the Marvel stamps, but he is on the cover of the Postal Bulletin highlighting the Marvel stamps [The United States Postal Service website has Postal Bulletin 22211, dated 19 July 02007, available as PDF or HTML]
If you want an actual hard-copy as a collector's item, you will have to go to your post office ASAP and ask for one (they are free). It's about damn time Dr. Strange appeared on the cover- the Postal Bulletin's been published since 01880! :) [Thanks Sanctum for the FYI!]

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The verdict on the Doctor Strange animated DVD movie: Good, but it's the chosen-Doc of Straczynski's disappointing Strange miniseries [review on Newsarama] [CBR coverage]

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Yikes! The great artist Michael Golden apparently has a not-so-great-or-golden reputation among art commissioners; sends F.O.N. (Friend of Neilalien) and art collector Gerry Turnbull a crappy, insulting, $537, ten-month-wait commission of Doctor Strange saying, "Patience is a virue [sic] Mr. Turnbull" [20th Century Danny Boy] [image] [Lying In The Gutters item last month] [Byrne Robotics MB with generous Byrne offer]

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Mr. A Scan of Ditko's back cover for Graphic Illusions #1, fanzine, Summer 01971 [image] [via Rob Gustaveson; many fanzines on sale]

David Yurkovich (Less Than Heroes) interview; Death by Chocolate Redux is a new Top Shelf collection of early self-published work [Daily Cross Hatch Part 1; Part 2]

This also allows Neilalien some timely repimping of the beautiful Mantlo: A Life In Comics book by Yurkovich, out now [ComixFan Yurkovich interview].

Inanna's Tears, Rob Vollmar and mpMann's good webcomic, seeing print [Pulse]

For Simpsons movie weekend: Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman and Daniel Clowes to appear on a Simpsons episode later this year [TV Squad] [via LinkMachineGo]

The three men figure into a subplot centered on Comic Book Guy, who finds himself in direct competition with a new comic book shop called "Coolsville Comics & Toys," run by a fella named Milo (Jack Black).

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San Diego Comic-Con International Weekend!
Have a great time, Neilalienistas, and watch for Doc news [Comic Book Resources' News Index]! And don't forget: the Doctor Strange animated DVD movie premieres tonight [] [SDCC Official Site: Friday Programming]!

Scan of Wizard "Battle of Hoth" page ad for the Doctor Strange animated DVD movie [image] [thanks Howard!]

Big Brian Bendis Word Balloon podcast [Newsarama] [thanks Sanctum!]
Notable: We'll see Doctor Strange's reasons for joining the New Avengers, and where he is with Night Nurse.

Preview pages of Unholy Union, Top Cow/Marvel crossover, Doctor Strange cameo, out this past week [Comic Book Resources]

Marvel stamps are out! []
Rant: Marvel has much better female heroes to, er, lick, than Elektra and Spider-Woman [E! Online Cool Stuff]

Pornstar Jenna Jameson writing Shadow Hunter, a comic book for Virgin [Newsarama]
Hey, how did Rosario Dawson's O.C.T. sell?
Rosario Dawson Hits A Comic Book Convention [Popoholic]

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Doctor Strange by Joey Quesada Sweet Joey Q Doctor Strange pencils for Spider-Man "One More Day" storyline [Newsarama]

Big Adrian Tomine interview [Comics Reporter]

Retailer fields questions about the 90's bust [Progressive Ruin #1; #2; #3]
The book that killed the industry through overordering then underselling: Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1 from Valiant.

ComicsPRO retailer group issues position paper on variant covers [Newsarama]
They want to be able to order them separately instead of attached to less popular covers.

Batgirl's doing her makeup on the cover of her reprint collection; the latest kidney punch to girls who love comics [The Beat]

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Nightmare by Enrique Alcatena Artist Enrique Alcatena has been doing illos of one of his favorite characters, Doctor Strange [Alcatena offical site] [Comicartfans] [via Chris Weston and Johnny Bacardi]

Lovenote to Paul Hornschemeier's speech balloons portraying interruptions, off-panel talk, background conversations, etc. [R Teacher and the Soggy Craft Kids] [via Madinkbeard]

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Doctor Strange by Tariq Hassan Doctor Strange illo by Tariq Hassan [RiqArt]

Kurt Busiek explained in Untold Tales of Spider-Man how Flash Thompson saw Doctor Strange's astral form in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 [interview with Busiek at Spider-Man: For Better or For Worse]
Doc casts a spell that allows his astral form to be seen by people around Spidey (so that he can lead them out of the Dark Dimension). At the end of the adventure, Doc forgets to reverse the spell. But it will fade.

Skrull or No Skrull [Wizard Entertainment]

Red Sonja vs. Red Sonya: federal trademark court battle [Delaware Online] [via Comics Reporter]

Out today: Mystic Arcana: Black Knight; Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's 11 [Diamond Comics Shipping List] [MODOK's 11 PR and preview at CBR]
Also: Doc in World War Hulk related cameos: World War Hulk #2, trying to cast a spell to stop the Hulk; one page in Ghost Rider #13; one panel in Avengers: The Initiative #4 of Doc telepathically contacting Earth's superheroes to fight the Hulk [First Look at Comics Continuum].
New Avengers #32 out last week.

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The Doctor Strange animated DVD movie makes its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, screening and panel, Friday 27 July, 7:15 PM, Room 6CDEF [] [SDCC Official Site: Friday Programming]

Doctor Strange animated DVD movie soundtrack clips available for MP3 download []

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Strange Bedfellows by Scorpio Rex Steele Strange Bedfellows by Scorpio Rex Steele Strange Bedfellows by Scorpio Rex Steele

"Strange Bedfellows"- awesome Dr. Strange and Clea comic by Scorpio Rex Steele [Scorpio Rex Steele's MySpace Blog] [if direct link doesn't work, go to Scorpio Rex Steele's MySpace page and look for Strange Bedfellows in the upper right blog entries] [probably NSFW] [thanks Howard!]
Update: Better "Strange Bedfellows" link/gallery found at Steele's ComicSpace page with new color cover!

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Dr. Strange, Villain of Mystery Island

Dr. Strange, villain of Mystery Island, a live action segment on the 70's show The Skatebirds [70s Live Action Kid Vid homepage] [thanks Matt!]
We blog all kinds of Dr. Strange here.

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Dr. Strange Classic Marvel Figurine #40

Out this past week, from the UK: Beautiful Dr. Strange metal figurine and magazine, #40 of The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection [thanks Howard and Sanctum!]

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Back Issue #24 Alter Ego #73

Back Issue #24 in September is a magic-themed issue with lots of Doctor Strange, Michael Golden interview and Doc cover [TwoMorrows Publishing] [thanks Sanctum!]

Alter Ego #73 in October sports a Doctor Strange and Clea cover by Frank Brunner, with interview, for Halloween [TwoMorrows Publishing]

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New Avengers #32 preview [Newsarama]

Steve McNiven's Doctor Strange DVD Art []

Essential Doctor Strange Volume 3 lurks pre-orderably []
Collects Dr. Strange #1-29, Annual #1 and Tomb of Dracula #44-45. September release. But please consider supporting your local comics shop, of course!

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Great text re: how serialized core-character relaunch/ongoing vs. miniseries shenanigans screw retailers, back issue sales [Progressive Ruin]

Dino "heir to Kirby" Haspiel and Michel "Steve Ditko and David Cronenberg's love child" Fiffe's Brawl coming to Image [Newsarama]

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If, like Neilalien, you were a Transformers fanboy when you were a child, and you had a group of good friends with you, and a couple margaritas in you, and you were in a movie theater on opening night with other Brooklyn former and current Transformers fanboys, cheering on every transformation and Optimus Prime action, you had a fucking great time. Nuff said. Beyond that, Neilalien can't really objectively speak to Transformers' inherent quality- although he does know that you could have spliced in any other of Michael Bay's indulgences, like one of his lovenotes to the U.S. military, perhaps pilots running in slow motion to scramble their jets in a sunset, or a loud overwhelming car chase, or a slow schmaltzy romantic scene, perhaps from Armageddon or Pearl Harbor, and you probably wouldn't have noticed.

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