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20 Questions for 20 Years of Slave Labor Graphics: The Dan Vado Interview by Neil Kleid [Blog@Newsarama]
Lots of juicy meta industry stuff here. Viz/Tokyopop bookstore market mirrors Marvel/DC direct market now, graphic novel/bookstore market returnability warning, only in the direct market is Disney a second-rate brand, all the viral marketing and blogger pimping does nada, etc., etc.

David Yurkovich (Less Than Heroes) on Bill Mantlo, benefit book [Comics Should Be Good] [The Bill Mantlo Project]

Michael T. Gilbert (Mr. Monster; Ditko fan) launches new official website

Pulpy TV and Soapy Comics Find a Lot to Agree On [New York Times]
More on the Marvel Comics and Guiding Light soap opera crossover. The episode airs tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!

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Steve Skeates wrote The Question saying "Now listen, my friend" to a villain, and got a six-page letter from Steve Ditko on why The Question would never call a villain "friend", not even sarcastically [] [via Comics Should Be Good]

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game reports are trickling in: Dr. Strange mission: defend Clea, defeat Baron Mordo, in Mephisto's realm, do it 20 minutes [described in Newsarama MB thread]

And the Raping of Childhood Continues [Midnighter]
Rant inspired by Stan Lee's "stamp of approval" for current Marvel at the end of Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange's Impossible Man story.

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Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, Has Fucking Had It With You, Man [McSweeney's]

If I want, you know, a pod of Burmeister's porpoise to ram the hell out of Black Manta's Manta Sub, that shit gets done.

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Overview of Dr. Strange's success with the ladies [Photon Torpedoes]

Wenstrup House: Interesting fictional Ditko/Dr. Strange item [Mumble Herder (David Schwartz)]

Looking for Ditko TPB recommendations [Millarworld MB]

Doctor Strange & The Black Knight by Paul Smith [He Dreams While Awake]

The mail gets Marvelous with Marvel Heroes Stamps [Comic Book Resources]

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Who can't love this Marvel college ad from the mid-60's? Not these pussycats! [Batfatty] [via Progressive Ruin]

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"One last hoo-ha for the murdering fascist before I leave my children with him" Invisible Woman in Millar's Civil War #4 strongly questioned [writer Tamora Pierce] [Girls Read Comics (And They're Pissed)] [via Blog@Newsarama]

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Out today: Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense Volume 1 []
Collecting TALES OF SUSPENSE #1-10; Ditko therein.

Dies Irae graphic novel by Justin Wertham and Spain Rodriguez includes Ditko tribute [Dies Irae official website] [view tribute, page 23] [via Ditko-L with more (Yahoo Group; membership req'd)]

Dr. Strange Part II [Silver Age Comics]

MODOK's 11: Fred Van Lente's (Action Philosophers, Silencers) Marvel Supervillain Team-Up; MODOK organizes dream team for greatest heist in history; April 02007; cover art [Joey Q at Newsarama] [Again With The Comics]

Chip Zdarsky interview re: the beloved Monster Cops [Newsarama]

20 preview pages of Meltdown; a superhero tale that delivers; Sean Wang (Runners) art; out in December [Newsarama] [getting great reviews]

GODLAND is back! #13 out today [cover + five page preview at CBR]

Marvel pacts with No Equal Entertainment for Moon Knight live-action television series [Coming Soon]

Civil War, 52 Marvel/DC event periodicals dominate direct market; strong September [ICv2]

Coming yaoi explosion flirts with glut and censorship risks [ICv2]

Due to World of Warcraft MMORPG expansion, "it's likely that [comic and other pop culture] retailers will once again notice customers disappearing for weeks or months at a time" [ICv2]

Comics-publisher websites are portals to nowhere [Confessions of a Comic Book Guy column at ICv2]

Cheers to Brian Hibbs and 150 Tilting At Windmills columns! Odds and ends this time around [Newsarama]
Neilalien feels like he's linked to every column.

Cheers to Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog on four years blogging!

Congratulations and thanks to The Johnny Bacardi Show on four years of writing great comics reviews Neilalien can link to rather than write himself!

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Doktor Strange Der Magier- Meister der Mystischen Mächte! [cover images of German Doc comics: #4, #10, #11, #12] [thanks chasdom!]

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The Hitler of Marvel's Earth-616 continuity was killed by the original Human Torch [rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe (Google Groups)] [Hate-Monger Wikipedia entry]
So where did the Hitler suicide gun in The Oath come from? Someone didn't do their research, Brian K. Vaughan! LOL ;)

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Must-read: On why an Iron Man story, while never great art, is still a shameful thing when it sucks [The Hurting]

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Slimeball once secretly taped and circulated phone conversations with Ditko [News From ME anecdote]

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Huge gallery of cool Italian pulp science fiction magazine covers, old-school to present [Mondo Urania] [via Boing Boing]

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One-Second Reviews of Recent Dr. Strange Appearances

Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange: Quaint. Charming. It Cyterokks! Cannot be recommended to non-uber-Marvel-Zombies or non-uber-Doc-fans. Although sweet Alan Davis art, self-effacing Marvel humor in the Impossible Man story, and a Dr. Strange Marvel Premiere #3 reprint do rescue the book from being a total loss for those of us who would have bought it no matter what. We love you, Stan! Cheers to the toybox you were instrumental in creating- and are still allowed to play with... occasionally...

Ghost Rider #4: Dr. Strange is a corpse, just lying there still, for the entire issue. Ridiculous- but probably still a better appearance for Doc than #3.

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Marvel Comics January 02007 solicits include The Oath #4 [cover image] and New Avengers: Illuminati #2 (of 5) [cover image] [Comic Book Resources]

Curse Neilalien for being a novice. The Doc uber-fans won't let him just search the solicit webpage for "strange" and phone it in. Doc's (and related) also in:

Also out now:


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It Came From The Quarter Bin: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #76 [Newsarama]

The Dr. Strange Respect Thread; many amazing feats shown here [KillerMovies Forums]

Neilalien : Dr. Strange :: Progressive Ruin : Swamp Thing :: Morelias Marvels and Such : Darkhawk

Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 annotated intensely by old-school letterhack Ann Nichols [Comixfan Forums]
Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange gets the treatment [Comixfan Forums]
Note: Hitting Ctrl-A reveals hidden spoiler text.

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The Roger Stern Interview: The Triumphs and Trials of the Writer [] [thanks John!]

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The 01945 Johnstown PA Spectator High School Yearbook featuring Steve Ditko's senior year photo is commoditized [Ebay] [thanks Howard!]

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Legendary punk club CBGB closes [BBC News] [Washington Post] [Gothamist]
Lenny Kaye: Downer at the Rock and Roll Club [Village Voice]
Here today, gone tomorrow.

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Dr. Id, Psychologist of the Supernatural

Dr. Id By Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri. In this interview at Pulse, McGovern describes Dr. Id as "Frasier by way of the X-Files". Neilalien would also add a couple other components: Dr. Strange's first appearance as a template for the stories (when the guilty man having horrible dreams goes to Doc, Doc enters his dreams and battles Nightmare), and a healthy dosage of Kirby and Ditko as a template for the art. Tapping into the Jungian archetypes of the Psychiatrist for his Lenin-like looks and classic comic five-pagers for his stories, Dr. Id (full name Drew Id) calls forth his smoky astral-form-like self-image from his pipe to protect the world's mental health from surreal malevolents and puns such as Judge Mental, Phantom Pain, and celebrity psychologists like Dr. Phil. Wonderfully cartooned and very smart, Dr. Id is a highly recommended blast of fun, especially for students and lovers of retro comics, psychology or Dr. Strange. Tell 'em Neilalien referred you, and then curl up with it on your couch! One-shot published by Indie Ink Studios, B&W, 32 pages (of 6 3-6 page tales), $2.95. [Dr. Id Official Website] [PayPal will make it easy soon]

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G.I. Joe PSA Spoofs [Popoholic (YouTubes)]

The Top 7 Comics-Related Videos Online [Comic Foundry (YouTubes)]

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Friday the 13th. Brian K. Vaughan and Brian Wood at Rocketship in Brooklyn tonight. And then Deva later! It's gonna be a wild one!

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Let's say you were forced to put some limitations on Dr. Strange's powers- what would you come up with? [one of 20 Comics Should Be Good questions; many take a shot in the comments]

Doctor Strange: The Oath #1: A Medical Review [Polite Dissent]

Stan Lee Meets Dr. Strange out today [Diamond Comics Shipping List]

Also out today: Chip Zdarksy's Monster Cops [a Neilalien Favorite of MoCCA 02006]

Love it: A short history of The Hurting, the comicsblogosphere, and those sturdy barriers to selling out [The Hurting]

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and National Coalition Against Censorship team-up against hicks who want Blankets out of Missouri library [Newsarama]

Customers ask Doctor-Strange-related questions, Progressive Ruin answers

Joss Whedon's Emily-Strange-as-Doctor-Strange pinup from The Dark Horse Twenty Years 25 Cent Issue posted online now in color [Clea's Cave]

Pop Culture Gadabout reviews X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl []

The Nietzsche Family Circus [via Dave Ex Machina]

Action Philosophers #7 preview [Pulse]

Brian K. Vaughan interview [Bookslut]

Props to Spike TV for including several comic book categories (cate-"gory", get it? huh? huh?) in their Scream Awards [Marvel Zombies won Best Comic Book]
Er, you might want to skip over that "Best Rack on the Rack" one though.
Update: Boo to Spike TV for cancelling Blade [ICv2]

Private to Mohinder on Heroes: Wouldn't trust that pixie chick who knew your dad- she's obviously been working for the baddies since frame one!

Small Press Expo this weekend in Maryland
Also this weekend: International Comic Arts Festival with some awesome-sounding panels.

Female/gay comics characters don't require special treatment, just the same dignity as straight white males, especially given their scarcity [Postmodernbarney]

Thoughts on Annuals [Polite Dissent]

The Comicraft Glossary of Lettering Terms [Balloon Tales]

Marvel crossover with soap-opera Guiding Light!? [ICv2]

Marvel plans to add an 8-page backup story written by comic-and soap scribe Jim McCann to a number of books starting with four titles releasing on October 25th, while Guiding Light episode telecast on November 1st will provide the origin of Springfield's first costumed crime fighter and plenty of "Easter Eggs" for sharp-eyed Marvel fans.

Major "30 Years of Fantagraphics" Art Exhibition going on right now in NYC [Society of Illustrators] [Comic Book Bin] [via Kottke]

Alias Comics had no prayer competing with Marvel/DC in direct market, to make Christian comics [ICv2]

Graphic novel sales strong in bookstores this past summer [ICv2]
General bookstores sales were down 2-4%, but graphic novels were up, and superhero and non-manga stuff doing very well.

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Doctor Strange: The Oath #1

Doctor Strange in The Oath #1 Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 is lookin' good. Big thumbs up for this first set-up issue.

Congratulations telegrams are pouring into the orbital HQ (but shouldn't you be sending them to Brian K. Vaughan? :) ).

And everyone's curious to know what Neilalien's thinking. Neilalien usually keeps his peeps hangin' for his opinion a little longer than this, due to many factors ranging from a simple lack of time to write a darn review (well, he calls them braindumps instead of reviews, since they are less about great Ph.D. art criticism and more about what buttons got pushed), to refusing to be a slave to internet timeliness pressures, to trying to keep his emotional and judgment cards close to his chest until after a run or mini-series has ended and can be fully absorbed as a whole free of hype-manipulations, etc.

But this is a special case, because if Neilalien doesn't braindump before talking with Vaughan this Friday night at Rocketship, it might embarrassingly happen while talking with Vaughan. Not that Neilalien would feel any shame whatsoever about expressing passion, but it's probably better to work out the fanboy love and hate and minutia now. Time to pimp and nitpick-out-of-love when the iron is hot and the book is on the shelves!

When it was revealed that Doc was going to be shot, Neilalien was sure hoping that it wouldn't merely be an ordinary gun/bullet that takes out the Sorcerer Supreme. Having it be a silver bullet shot from the gun that Hitler used to commit suicide, possessing so much negative mojo to get through Doc's defenses, is a great idea. You can do whatever you want to Doc- it only takes a good idea.

Neilalien's enjoying the interaction with Wong. Doc needs his Watson, not (or in addition to) a superpowered otherworldly apprentice or sidekick, not (or in addition to) a wife or love interest, a normal friend to talk to (especially in this anti-speech-balloon-narration-box age), to ground him- and Wong has always been that potential underused outlet for writers. Don't want a Doc who wisecracks like Spider-Man, don't want one who knows pop culture references as if he watches Desperate Housewives- and Neilalien's still waiting for a noir occult Doc with some horror gravitas- but with the interaction between Doc and Wong in this issue, and in the Dead Girl and Flight of Bones miniseries, the evidence is clear that this "light banter with Wong" phenomenon is one thing people are and should be doing to both bring Doc into the 21st century and make him less stuffy and distant. While Neilalien's Doc is Zen, the "Shut up with that Zen crap" and "Dammit!" lines are fine with this reader because Doc just learned that his good friend is sick and is naturally humanly upset and snippy.

Martin's art is great, evoking a clean Ditko style. The less flowy, less spandexy, more-like-normal-shirt-and-pants costume is fantastic and another great touch for modernizing this superhero, the equivalent of all the black leather jackets the X-Men now wear. Although keeping the Cloak the same works too. Compare and contrast to how the 'Cloak as bathrobe with white puffy shirt' look-modernization in the 90's did or did not work.

Liked the page with Doc flat on his back on the operating table surrounded by smaller panels of operating room stuff. Also enjoyed the genealogy-evoking tree background for the Doc origin two-page recap (along with two large branches to symbolize Doc's two lives, before and after).

While the coloring by Javier Rodriguez has been greatly praised in other reviews, Neilalien found it on the redundantly greeny-muddy side. If you're stuck with an issue-long tale in a green operating room, okay, but then don't also make the Chinatown's store interior and the glowing portal yellow-green, the background of Otkid's dimension green, Wong's shirt is green, the astral form is green, the Sanctum-interior brown's kinda another earthy color like green, etc.

Astral Form Watch: Is this the first appearance of a translucent greenish astral form? Think so.

When Doc "changes" into his costume (complete with cool unzipping gesture), he says, "Time to scrub in." Neilalien likes when Doc "uniforms" i.e., puts on the war paint (see also in Flight of Bones), and "scrub in" is probably going to be one of many little "get back to his doctor roots" references.

The little things done correctly: Doc's astral form including the Eye of Agamotto (which has an astral form) but not the Cloak of Levitation (which does not; nor would its flight be needed in astral form; but sometimes they've drawn it in). The Cloak of Levitation, a magic item made of sterner stuff, not shown shredded like the rest of the uniform in the big final panel (although it'd be neat to see Enitharmon The Weaver again, the only guy in the cosmos with the requisite sewing ability to repair the Cloak should it get ripped).

The street sign shows that the Sanctum Sanctorum is on the corner of Perry and Lewis Streets. That should really say Bleecker Street. Perry and Bleecker do actually intersect in the West Village; Lewis is across town. Update: Neilalien's had the pleasure of communicating with both Vaughan and Martin in the past week, and unequivocally, they both know that Doc lives on Bleecker, and Martin intended that Doc live on Bleecker and Perry. So, while it's a bummer to us hardcore fans that Martin's intention got lost somewhere later in the creative process, it shouldn't negatively affect anyone's enjoyment. Maybe they'll fix it for the TPB... :)

Otkid the Omnipotent. Cute. Was "Oktid" too obvious?

Not a complaint, because it would have brought the story to a screeching halt to elaborate on it or show it- but it's still a little fan bummer, and reminiscent of other Doc fan bummers, that a big victorious battle for Doc (the one against Otkid) is shown off-panel. The true test for Vaughan will be how he handles Doc's magickal combat. Hopefully we'll see some good explodo for the Doc fans in this miniseries.

Just one major operation? The comics record is mixed. The #115 origin doesn't mention anything, but the #169 origin says, "I've spent every cent I had on expensive operations..." plural. Guess Doc means the first major one here.

The obsession with Dr. Strange's origin continues. "Every comic book might be someone's first comic book", but this is ridiculous. Ah well, let's take the positives. (1) At least this isn't a miniseries entirely devoted to a new origin for Doc. (2) It's a concise two pages that doesn't feel shoehorned (actually it's a bit spacious with only six panels on two pages; more details could have been added). (3) It kinda puts the redemption part back in, that Straczynski's Strange miniseries took out, or at least, there's nothing about the Destined One in The Oath's recap. As for Night Nurse, her little paragraph origin was definitely needed for this reader.

Brian K. Vaughan, "You had me at 'Hello'." Now don't fuck up the ending.

Other comments/reviews stored here as found:
[Hannibal Tabu's Buy Pile: solid stuff]
[Comic Pants: a good foundation that makes this difficult character readable and engaging]
[Eye On Comics: 9/10]
[Chris' Invincible Super-Blog: best of the week]
[Photon Torpedoes: off to a great start]
[Comics Should Be Good: a good issue]
[X-Axis: absolutely excellent, A+]
[Savage Critic: very good]
[Mitey Musings: a very satisfying read]
[SFist: what is it about Stephen Strange that the queers can't resist?]
[Fearless Reviews: simply amazing]
[Comics And More: decent start but C grade]
[BeaucoupKevin: very much enjoyed it]
[Reporting On Marvels And Legends: good start, 4.25 out of 5] [more; cute]
[Barbelith Underground MB discussion]
[Ultimate Central MB discussion]
[Toon Zone Forum MB discussion]
[World In Progress: reminds of Stern's run]
[Zodarzone: love this already]
[Evil Monocle Boutique: crazy awesome]
[Every Day Is Like Wednesday: actually likes Doc as comedy relief or deus ex machina?!]
[Erikonil: good read]
Update: Pop Culture Gadabout
Update: Johnny Bacardi Show

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Dr. Strange at the Movies [Booksteve's Library]
Related flashback: Previous speculation that Dr. Strange inspired by The Raven [rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe Usenet (Google Groups)]

Dr. Strange Begins [Silver Age Comics]

Batman: My Parents Are Dead [meta: 24-hour comic by PVP's Scott Kurtz] [via Metafilter]

Batman and Guns [Silver Age Comics]

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0.3% of NYC Craigslist "Missed Connections" Locations for 25-29 September were in the Comic Book Shop [Gawker; breakdowns by subway line also] [via Kottke]
"Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix."

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PANIC event poster by John Holmstrom

NYC tomorrow night: PANIC! (Punk ANd Independent Comics)

Lock It In Productions and ELIS EIL Records presents a punk rock/comic book show featuring over 20 NYC comic book artists hawking their wares with live music by World War IX and the Saturday Night Things! Saturday, October 7th at the Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery @ Bleecker, right across from CBGB's, $7, 6:30-10:00 PM.

Info from World War IX. Event poster by John Holmstrom [Wikipedia].

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Must-hear delightfully ridiculous classic 60's Merry Marvel Marching Society recordings "Voices of Marvel" and "Scream Along With Marvel" [MP3 links at Mark Evanier with meta info (and related Ditko anecdote- he's not on the record)]

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Out today: Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 [Diamond Comics Shipping List]

The Right To Remain Violent: Brubaker Talks Criminal (also out today) [Comic Book Resources]

If you love comics, classic fave Dylan Horrocks' Hicksville belongs on your shelf [Past The Front Racks column at Comic World News]

Excellent social sci-fi thought experiment The Surrogates recently collected as TPB [Johnny Bacardi 'A'] [Top Shelf Comix]

Morrison/Quitely's All-Star Superman has been exquisite [#5 love: Not The Beastmaster; Jog The Blog]

Neilalien's been enjoying trying to take a sip from the $1.99 raging garden hose that is Casanova [Matt Fraction interview, catch-up at Newsarama]

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The Doctor Is In: Great Vaughan interview, lots of Doc meta [Pulse]

Vaughan was first to admit that he wasn't the biggest Dr. Strange fan in the world. In fact, like a lot of comic readers who didn't know much of the source material, Vaughan wasn't too impressed with Stephen Strange's role. "He'd sort of show up like a magical Deus Ex Machina in the last chapter of a crossover and fix everything by snapping his fingers and casting some spell," Vaughan said. "So, I didn't like him. I never really did... But then I reread the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories and I felt he was a really great character with a lot of untapped potential. So I'm not trying to reinvent him as much as I'm trying to show what made him great in the first place..."
Vaughan believes it was Lee and Ditko who made Dr. Strange really work as a concept. "Ditko had amazing visuals," he said. "Just these crazy inventive dimensions that only Ditko could have created and this unique look for the series was all Ditko... I think what Stan Lee brought was the humanity that's been missing for a long time. We've had too much 'strange' and not enough 'doctor' of recent times. I like the part of his origin where he lost the use of his hands- the fine motor skills that would allow him to be a surgeon were gone. He can now cast any spell imaginable, but he still can't hold a scalpel, which is what he really wants. There was a lot of tragedy and humanity to the original Dr. Strange..."
Since he longs to be that doctor once again, it leads one to wonder why, with all his magical skills and abilities, he's a crime fighter instead of using his superpowers to heal people or in a more medical effort. Vaughan said that is just one of the questions that will be answered in these five issues...
"I think one of the reasons he hasn't worked is because Dr. Strange is so omniscient and can do absolutely anything," Vaughan continued. "I wanted to define some limitations to his powers. I think even a 'sorcerer supreme' should have some limits. We will find some of his weaknesses here..."
"This is Dr. Strange's chance to be in the spotlight- not just another supporting player in someone else's adventure..."
"I wanted to play around with New York a lot. Marcos and I love New York and we want it to be specific, we wanted to see him in the street level world. That said, it wouldn't be Dr. Strange without side trips into wonky Ditko dimensions, so this is a little bit of both..."
Vaughan told THE PULSE that Dr. Strange might be his "swan song" to superheroes- at least other people's superheroes... "Dr. Strange is a really nice swan song," he said. "I put as much love- if not more so than my creator-owned books- into this..."

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Whole batch of spoiler-filled generally-positive reviews of BKV's Doctor Strange: The Oath #1, out tomorrow [Sunday Slugfest at Silver Bullet Comics]
Of course, each review has to have its own caveated swipe at (and in some instances flat-out cluelessness of) Doc too.

Sounds like the new Charlton Spotlight #5 has Ditko goodness [Charlton Spotlight] [websurfage for Ditko hit this blurb at On My Mind]

Plus we'll have features on Steve Ditko: Steve Skeates examines the untold story behind his collaboration with Ditko on the Dr. Strange-like story "The Ultimate Evil" (MANY GHOSTS OF DR. GRAVES #12); Ron Frantz remembers working with both Gill and Ditko on Ron's ACE Comics line in the mid-1980s; Mark Burbey explores the origins of CAPTAIN ATOM; and Gene Phillips examines the evolution of Ditko's BLUE BEETLE.

Steve Ditko was Stan Sakai's first real influence [FAQ at Usagi Yojimbo Dojo]

No love for Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment [ArmzRace]

Defenders #89 had shit in it [Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed at CSBG at CBR]

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Proper use of the Crossbar I

Proper use of the Crossbar "I". Image taken from Ninja Lettering's MySpace blog.

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H.P. Lovecraft: The Heroic Nerd [The New York Review of Books]

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Great Wolverine DIY claws

Just in time for Halloween: Amazing DIY Wolverine extendable/retractable claws [via Comic Foundry]

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