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April 02018

Stan Lee Needs a Hero: Elder Abuse Claims and a Battle Over the Aging Marvel Creator

Stan Lee's Daughter Accused of Physical, Psychological Elder Abuse

Stan Lee Threatens to 'Sue the Ass Off' Those Making Elder Abuse Claims [Lee video response on TMZ]

Stan Lee told how to spell his name, 95-year-old man clearly tired, being "exploited by vultures", during Silicon Valley Comic Con signing [Comics Reporter: New Stan Lee Tape At Comics Show Distresses]

Fans and Pros Show Support for Stan Lee With #StandByStan [#StandByStan]

#StandByStan: To Save Stan Lee, We Need To Boycott Stan Lee ["There is no concern for Lee or his health with this person [complaining that Lee's signature was illegible and ruining the books being signed]. There is a large group of collectors trying to get as many books signed by Lee as possible before he dies. It is time to put the Stan Lee autograph market on hold..."]

True Believers: Stan Lee Needs Our Support #StandbyStan

Kevin Smith Invites Stan Lee to Live With Him

Todd McFarlane recently visits Stan Lee

Even if our pop-culture grandpa's completely fine- Lee's age, estate size, and the recent inner-circle commotion has Neilalien wishing there was a conservatorship or other objective protection in place, like Mickey Rooney had.

[14 April 02018]

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Out today 11 Apr: Doctor Strange #388 [11 April 02018]

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