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November 02017

Lots of Dr. Strange in the great-looking Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer [50 million views on YouTube in one day] [really hope Doc's not the hero death everyone's expecting... Thanos gets the Time Stone from him somehow...] [30 November 02017]

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> Out this week 15 Nov: Doctor Strange #381 [new legacy numbering; Loki: Sorcerer Supreme story arc]

> Update/Reminder: Variant covers ugh! But one of the #381 variants is lenticular!

> Marvel prints money again with comedic Thor: Ragnarok; $652 million worldwide so far after two #1 weekends [Box Office Mojo] [Doctor Strange cameo summary; "I have been falling for 30 minutes!"]

> Disney sought to punish the LA Times for revealing their shady dealings with Anaheim by withholding a Thor: Ragnarok advance screening for a review but faced a fierce backlash

> Robert Kirkman's new comic book documentary series Secret History of Comics debuted last night on AMC re: Marvel/Stan Lee/Jack Kirby origins
[Official Website]
[New Series From The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Reveals Top Comics Characters' Real-Life Origin Stories]
[Secret History of Comics Docuseries Surprised Even Robert Kirkman]
["I really wanted to do a Steve Ditko episode, for instance, but that's very problematic, because he is so extremely press shy. We couldn't really figure out a way into that that wouldn't have been just copying Jonathan Ross's brilliant In Search of Steve Ditko piece that he did for the BBC."]

[13 November 02017]

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Happy 90th Birthday to Steve Ditko! [Wikipedia] [2 November 02017]

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